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We know that in everything God works for good with those who love him, who are called according to his purpose. - Romans 8:28

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  • 04/03/13--05:45: Humbled and Grateful
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for the comments yesterday.  I had absolutely no idea that people read this blog every day.  And I cannot imagine why you would read the blog – of a depressed person in a dead-end … Continue reading


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  • 04/04/13--06:06: Thursday
  • I changed my settings for photos over the weekend when I posted the photo of the cross, which I think might be one of the best photos I have ever taken.  I wanted it to be large.  But I haven’t … Continue reading


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  • 04/06/13--14:38: Day Four
  • This is $78. worth of groceries.  A lot for one person.  But, this new lifestyle (vegan) requires me to go get a few items.  They are not cheap items.  But they will last a long time.  I needed tahini.  Miso. … Continue reading


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    I tried the vegan life for 2 weeks.  In that time, I did not feel better.  In fact, I had a perpetual stomach ache.  For the first week, the food seemed delicious and wonderful.  In the second week, I was … Continue reading


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  • 04/20/13--10:28: Saturday Morning
  • This photo is about a year old.  I wish I had all those yummy veggies and fruit in the house today…. I can make that happen! Yesterday afternoon I had to get out of this house and away from the … Continue reading


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  • 08/03/13--09:27: Remembering What I Loved…
  • …About Saturday mornings.  My daughter and I drove to the farmer’s market last night and purchased pickling cucumbers and onions, jars and lids, pickling salt, and new jars of ginger, turmeric, and mustard seeds.  I got up early this morning … Continue reading


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  • 08/09/13--05:52: Frantic Friday
  • Here’s what’s going on today: Working this morning – have two meetings I must attend, one of which I am dreading. Taking this afternoon off so that I can cook for my son’s birthday celebration tomorrow. Getting everything I need … Continue reading


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  • 08/17/13--09:00: Happiest Saturday Morning
  • Over the last six or seven weeks since I returned to the hospital, my routines have been changing.  I am going to different grocery stores, a different post office, different restaurants, etc.  These things are bringing back wonderful memories of … Continue reading


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  • 08/22/13--05:33: Oddness
  • This is the weirdest baby blanket I have ever knit!  The shower is tomorrow and I am approximately 5/8 done with it after two weeks.  What are the odds I shall have it done tomorrow?  I will try, seriously.  Seriously, … Continue reading


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  • 08/23/13--05:26: Friday
  • This is a photo that would have caused a sickening reaction of fear in me a year ago.  But over the course of a year, I can see that he is being funny/cute when he looks up at me that … Continue reading


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  • 08/24/13--16:28: Pandora
  • Yesterday’s breakfast.  Doesn’t that look good? I am listening to Pandora radio on my television.  My daughter had told me you could set up your own “stations.”  I just felt compelled to do that but didn’t feel like putting any … Continue reading


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    Oh, happy day!  The first Sunday of football season.  I went to work for a few hours this morning, but made a plan to be home by 2:00 so I could watch the later games.  YAY.  I have sliced potatoes … Continue reading


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  • 09/09/13--05:34: Into another week
  • Most days begin with a bowl of steel cut oats, blueberries, and cream.  And I mean real heavy whipping cream.  As you can see, the quantities of these ingredients are small, but it makes a satisfying breakfast. I’ve been looking … Continue reading


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  • 09/21/13--10:04: Twists and Turns
  •   Last night on my way home from work, I drove around the long way, so that I could see the scope of the flooding nearby.  See that lake in the photo?  That wasn’t a lake 2 weeks ago.  That … Continue reading


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  • 11/20/13--05:19: Wednesday a.m.
  • Browsing through my last 12 months of photos this morning, I found this wonderful photo of a pot of cranberries.  A reminder that it is a week away from Thanksgiving. My son is coming back from Montana for the holiday … Continue reading


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  • 12/10/13--06:08: My little world
  • I fear I am not interesting at all these days.  But, I also fear I am at my most fascinating when I am at the nadir of despair.  I am not there, thank you Lord Jesus! In my little world, … Continue reading


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  • 02/03/14--05:52: A feeling of defeat
  • Yesterday I walked around a local park, just to see the sun shining on the snow.  Every surface was covered with light, sparkling snow.  It was gorgeous.  I took many photos, and not one of them captured the beauty. I … Continue reading


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  • 03/26/14--05:36: Treadmill v. Blog
  • That is my choice as I sit here.  I could easily get on the treadmill and do 3 miles in the amount of time it takes to write one post.  It would be lovely to have more time than I … Continue reading


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  • 04/19/14--10:54: May I vent?
  • There is too much good stuff going on and I am completely and totally overwhelmed.  I have a migraine too.  My left eye is swollen and dripping, which is what happens when I have a migraine.  I feel brain damaged. … Continue reading


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    A suddenly typical late spring morning in Colorado.  It wears on a person’s nerves.  My garden is growing like crazy.  I have to pull weeds every single day!  I don’t mind :-)  It is strange to go outside and feel … Continue reading


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